Meet Haley...

Haley has had uncontrolled seizures since she was 5 months old.   It was not until she was 7 years old when she was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a catastrophic form of epilepsy.  Haley's journey with Dravet has taken us on many unexpected twists and turns.  I am blessed to be her mom and see the goodness of others through her.

                               ~Lisa, Haley's Mom


Preview of Haley and Friends on Dateline NBC: "Growing Promise" (May 20, 2018)

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Haley & Friends on Dateline NBC: "Growing Hope" (2015)

Haley's Story (2016 Update)

This video captures Haley's journey from age five-months to shortly after her 16th birthday in 2016.  You can see how developmentally "normal" she is in the early years. and then see how the seizures took a toll  on her.  You also see the changes of the CBD treatment that improves her life.