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Back to "toothless"??

Wednesday morning was a very busy one...a seizure at 3:30 AM, another at 4:45 AM, went to the YMCA at 5:30 AM, ran over six miles, and then the phone call from my husband, Bobby at 6:25AM.  Haley had fallen and might need a stitch in her lip.  I went directly home and looked at Haley's lip.  In lifting up her swollen, bloody lip, I discovered that there was no left front permanent tooth any more.  It had either been broken or pushed back up.  When I examined her closer, I could see the rough edge of the permanent tooth peeking out about 1mm from the gum.  So then it was a "splash" shower, get dressed again and off to the ER.  The ER felt she did not need a stitch, but it was nice visiting all the folks who have worked on Haley over the years.  We had not been in the ER for at least two years.  Then it was off to the dentist...and this was all before 9AM.  

So the verdict is that Haley is I must now complete my rotation in dentistry and orthodonics and maybe endodontics.  After all for me to be a full fledged "Mommy Doctor", I must investigate these fields, LOL!!  The dentist said if Haley was younger, no problem, the tooth will come down on its own.  If she was older, no problem, root canal.  But no, Haley is in the "gray area".  It all depends if the root is closed or not.  Since there is not a lot of studies on this kind of thing.  As her dentist said, "there aren't any volunteers who want their tooth push back up in to their head".  Crazy, I know.  So we are all learning here.  What I believe is in her future is the pulling of the tooth back into place by an orthodontist and bracing it and a root canal procedure.  

Haley through all of this has been completely unphased.  She has not missed a beat and remains her happy upbeat self.  She looked pitiful with her swollen lip and missing tooth, but she did not care one bit.  We hope she continues on this theme.

To add insult to injury on Friday it was her brothers' birthday.  She hovered a bit too close to the birthday candles and singed her eye lashes.  The girl can't get a break!!  Keep her in your prayers!  The coming week has dental and orthodontic appointments, can't wait!!!

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