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Shiny Teeth

When Daddy arrive home yesterday Haley immediately said, "Daddy, I have shiny teeth!"  It was a busy day yesterday that started off with a couple of seizures and Diastat doses.  Then it was more valium before we headed off for the oral surgeon. After the surgeon, it was a quick drive over to the orthodontist.  She was an excellent patient, but then again what would you expect from a "professional" patient.  The surgeon cut the gum and exposed to the tooth to put on a bracket and the orthodontist put on the rest of the brackets.  An elastic thread was attached to the impacted tooth and then wrapped around the wire.  Finally we are going to see the "missing tooth" in a couple of weeks...or months!  

As we were getting ready to depart from the orthodontist, Haley remarked, "Mommy, I need a new broom".  She has always been a simplistic girl.  When she was two Haley had her first extnsive EEG.  Afterwards, we headed to Toys "R" Us to compensate for what we thought was a horrible experience.  Everything is relative!  We went into the wonderland of toys and announced to Haley that she could have ANYTHING.  What did our little simplistic girl want?  Haley stated, "I want a purple umbrella".  After repeated tries to refocus her on something more glitzy and a higher price tag, we left the store with a purple umbrella and an extremely happy toddler.  Definitely a lesson in there!

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