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Thank you David Nova, Edie Jett & Team Marlin Maniac

We had an awesome weekend in Virginia Beach!  We were invited by David Nova to attend the American Striper Association's (ASA) final tournament and 2008 Awards Ceremony.  We in turn invited representatives from the IDEA League since David said he would like to present a check to them.  Thank you Laura Cossolotto, IDEA League president, and Kim Skriba, IDEA league Board Member, for joining us!!  Saturday was a crazy day getting everyone picked up from the airports and to the hotel and marina.  Fortunately it all went pretty smooth...even with Bobby going to Richmond International Airport originally instead of Newport News to pick up Kim and her son, Ryan Smith...and even with Lisa being delayed by a train stopped across Route 17.  We all made it in time to see David Nova win "Angler of the Year" and Edie Jett win "Lady Angler of the Year".   We were so touched as a family (Smith family and IDEA League family) that the ASA would make special arrangements  in their ceremony to highlight our cause and present us with a "large" check (both figuratively and literally).  Words can not express our gratitude to David, Edie and all of Team Marlin Maniac for your support to the IDEA League and our family.  Because of people like David and Edie, the IDEA League will be able to move forward and fund research into Dravet syndrome.  Hopefully they will one day find a combination of pharmceuticals that will stop the uncontrolled seizures and ultimately a cure!

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